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 Rules & Conditions

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PostSubject: Rules & Conditions   Mon Mar 26, 2007 10:37 pm

Poker ZeuS is a poker community. We strive to maintain a fun, friendly atmosphere in which to discuss great poker strategy and other relevant (and not-so-relevant) topics. We ask that you enjoy our site, but please observe some basic rules while doing so.

These rules are subject to interpretation and revision by Poker ZeuS administrators.

General Behavior

1. While constructive criticism is part of the learning and teaching process, repeated rudeness and unhelpful, condescending remarks in any discussion will not be tolerated.

2. Friendly banter and joking is fine, but since humor is subjective, be mindful of how your comments may be interpreted by new visitors. If your comment could be seen as threatening, hateful or mean-spirited, it's probably not a good idea to post it.

3. Flaming and harrassment is forbidden.

4. Posting images of full nudity, sexual intercourse, grotesque violence or other offensive or obscene materials is forbidden. If you wish to post an image that may be questionable, you must clearly indicate that it is "NSFW" (Not Safe For Work) and post a link to it (as opposed to including it in the post via [img][/img] tags).

5. Ridiculing of members who have been disciplined is forbidden.

Soliciting & Spamming

6. Soliciting members for business, promotions or off-site traffic (via posts, private messaging, account names, avatars or signatures) is strictly forbidden. Offenders and offending posts will be dealt with promptly and permanently.

7. Repeated nuisance posting, spamming, and posts that cause topic legibility or computer problems will not be tolerated.

Staking & Money

8. Offers and requests for staking and discussions of others' personal finances are forbidden. Though staking is part of poker culture, we ask that you deal with such matters in private and with people that you know and trust. In any case, none of this should be brought up in our public venues.

Misuse Of Site

9. Soliciting or performing of illegal activities, i.e., sharing of pirated media or hacking, is forbidden.

10. Each member is allowed one account. Account hacking or impersonating another account with the intent to deceive is forbidden.

11. All threats of site or account hacking will be taken seriously.

12. Use of any of this site's communications tools (forum posts or private messaging) to perform any of the aforementioned prohibited activities will not be tolerated.

If you see a topic or a member that you feel is a problem, please PM (private message) a moderator or Xianti immediately.

Discipline: 3 Strikes, You're Banned

Any violation of the above rules or prolonged behavior that is considered foul by the general community will result in a series of Strikes. Some violations, such as soliciting or hacking, are subject to immediate banishment at the administrators' discretion.

Moderators and administrators will determine who should receive Strikes.

1st offense = Strike 1
2nd offense = Strike 2
3rd offense = Strike 3

Members with 1 or 2 strikes may appeal by sending a PM to a moderator or Xianti. Frivolous and ingenuine requests will be ignored. Public declarations of dissatisfaction may result in an additional Strike or immediate banishment.

Genuine requests for appeal will be reviewed and voted on by all available moderators and administrators. A majority vote in favor will honor the request. 1st and/or 2nd Strikes will then be removed at the moderators' and administrators' discretion.

1st and 2nd Strikes may also be removed after an undetermined period of time if the moderators and administrators feel that the member has demonstrated a willingness and ability to permanently change his/her behavior for the better.

Ban is permanent and will not be reversed.
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Rules & Conditions
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